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Territory Operations Manager

Ops Manager · Charlotte, North Carolina
Department Ops Manager
Employment Type Full-Time
Compensation $40,000/year

Territory Operations Manager - Charlotte, NC


About King of Pops

At the risk of sounding too cliche, we want you to know that working with the King of Pops companies is not like working at most other places. Why? Well, that can be tough to describe without experiencing it firsthand, but we owe it to you to try.

For starters, we ask more of our employees than most places. We love that people here are interested in many things outside of work and we certainly value clarity breaks, but everyone on our team loves to talk, think, and dream about King of Pops whether they are "at work" or not.

In return for asking so much of them, we give our employees a great deal of autonomy. We believe in hiring the best people we can and letting them loose to create magic in the best way they see fit.

Beyond all else, working at King of Pops means making a serious commitment to helping us create an exceptional community beyond our workplace. From the outside, it may seem like we are a normal company, but let me assure you that we are not. 

So how did we get here?

What started as a single pop pushcart on a street corner in Atlanta has developed into a regional retail, catering, and wholesale business selling millions of pops each year. 

  • Our retail business ranges from carts in parks to hawking in stadiums and venues like SunTrust Park (home of the Atlanta Braves) to 100k+ music festivals.

  • Our catering business ranges from office parties & weddings to activations with companies like Mailchimp and Delta.

  • Our wholesale business reaches 600+ accounts from mom & pop shops to grocery stores to universities and hotels. 

Beyond the pops, we have continued to push ourselves. 

  • We started a specialty food distribution company called Perfect 10 Foods that delivers best in class local products throughout the South. 

  • We started a Christmas tree delivery business called Tree Elves to offset our pop seasonality and keep our amazing staff employed year-round.

  • We opened a bar at Ponce City Market, that pairs pops with cocktails (Poptails), and we have more locations set to open.

  • We started our own farm, King of Crops, to demonstrate our commitment to environmental sustainability and teach our community about local farming. 

  • Our commitment to composting led to a relationship with Compost Now, and this year we partnered up to start King of Compost, which lives at our farm and will soon take in hundreds of tons of food waste a year and turn it into extremely high-quality soil for our local farms. 

  • We host hundreds of community events a year, with the goal of furthering our purpose of creating Unexpected Moments of Happiness (UMoHs). Our most popular is a yoga event in each of our cities that attract hundreds and sometimes thousands of people to get outside and enjoy each other. 


The Opportunity

King of Pops is looking for hard-working, self-motivated individuals to join our Charlotte team in the role of a Territory Operations Manager. The ideal candidate will have experience leading a team and won’t shy away from doing the hard work alongside them. Ability to manage processes and hold your team accountable is key.

The Territory Operations Manager will make sure our pop carts, hawking, P10 deliveries, bar sales, and other operations run smoothly throughout the territory. Duties include managing our gaggle of fun-loving pop slingers, managing a team of operations leads, managing P10 deliveries, opening, and closing HQ, adhering to a busy schedule of cart events and deliveries, reconciling sales, and packing and moving lots of pops. Hopping on a cart and selling pops throughout the week is also part of this gig. The Territory Operations Manager is also responsible for maintaining a clean and organized warehouse, a solid inventory, and a fleet of vehicles.

Candidates must be able to think on their feet and problem-solve in a variety of situations, capable of physical work, and provide a positive experience for our customers. Candidates should also be detail-oriented, motivated, trustworthy, and love working with a large (and rather diverse) team.

In this role, you will have the ability to make a significant impact to our fast-growing business! 


  • Onboard, manage, and engage a team of operations leads and hourly employees.

  • Maintain the physical locations, vehicles, and assets of the company.

  • Keep a current and correct inventory.

  • Recordkeeping and following company processes.

  • Great customer service both internally and externally.

  • Increase sales through motivation, fresh ideas, and being open to new ideas and an ever-changing KoP landscape.

  • Getting the right stuff to the right place at the right time!

The Success Patterns for this position are:

  • Self-starter who is comfortable initiating and leading efforts, projects and programs

  • Very strong organization, problem-solving, and interpersonal skills

  • Hands-on leader who isn’t afraid to get sweaty at times

  • Able to work effectively as part of a team

  • Recognizes when help is needed and is willing to ask for it

  • Active and able to lift at least 50 pounds

Who you are:

  • Two plus years of successful management experience (operations preferable)

  • Comfortable talking to everyone - warehouse employees, small business owners, and corporate bigwigs

  • Wants to jump in and get hands dirty, drive a truck, and doesn't mind working in a freezer or the summer heat

  • Self-driven and motivated, goal-oriented, and a customer-driven sales mentality

  • Ability to work in a fast-paced, changing environment

  • Enjoys working under a time crunch

  • Thrives while problem-solving

  • Takes pride in being consistent

  • Enjoys a challenge and creating something new

  • Brings enthusiasm and great energy to the workplace

  • Loves to learn and is coachable

  • Finds a way to get things done


  • Base salary $40,000

  • 2 Weeks Vacation

  • Company-wide ‘Surf Break’ (Another 2 weeks Vacation)

  • Medical, Dental, and Vision Program Eligibility

  • Company Paid Life and Long Term Disability Insurance

  • 401k Program Eligibility (after 1 year of employment)

  • Paid company cruise each winter if we hit our goals

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    Charlotte, North Carolina
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    Ops Manager
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